Tree-ring data

Every tree-ring is sacred

Every new sample analysed can add to the story of the trade in timber in Northern Europe through many centuries. New knowledge is constantly added as a new shipwreck, cargos of timber, wood sculptures or painted panels are analysed, precisely dated and their area of origin discovered, revealing links between peoples. Local timber is also crucial, as this is the key to the identification of the exotic, traded timber and objects. Data from all material analysed at is integrated into this continually growing dataset that provides the material evidence for the movement, availability, over-exploitation, abundance and condition of timber in Northern Europe, through centuries.



Data archive

I am a member of an international group of dendrochronologists who are developing a digital archive of tree-ring data with its associated contextual information (DCCD), to enable sharing of data between scientists, so that it can be used for current and future research. I am continually submitting the valuable data that I generate, in both my commercial and research based work, to this archive, to ensure its perpetual survival for future generations of researchers.