Wood species analysis & C14 sampling

Identification of the genus of wood from archaeological structures and objects allows details of the choice of materials used to be described. Including an analysis of the tree age through a ring count also helps in identifying the usage of managed woodland. Analysis of wood selected for C14 dating is also important, so that wood from short-lived branch-wood or the outermost rings from timber is selected. This is to ensure that ’old-wood’ does not affect the C14 result. Sub-sampling for C14 wiggle matching is also provided. This entails sampling individual tree-rings at regular intervals through a single wood sample. Such analysis can be recommended for example for timber samples that, due to species, are less suitable for dendrochronological analysis. C14 wiggle matching increases the precision compared to radiocarbon dating of a single sample. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


chainsaw cutting framing timber
Barronstrand bucket stave
fig. 117 closeup of the plank with sapwood photo Aoife Daly
me measuring Oslo
BR1 close structure